Thoughts You Have As Vasectomy Reversal Approaches

The testes this pressure build up demonstrated here results in blockages and blow out somewhere along the epidermal tubule secondary blockages caused either by concretions of this retained block material or actual perforations and blowouts in that very delicate epidermal duct which results in secondary blockage so it’s not just a matter of reconnecting.

The that is putting this side of the vs to this side of the but it’s a matter of bypassing the very complicated blockages in the epidermis over seventy-five percent of the time so if one were just to simply do a vast advanced re connection say under local anesthesia as an outpatient the chance of success no matter what anybody might propose really couldn’t possibly be more than twenty-five percent and that would be assuming they do a perfect microscopic reconstruction.

so i have here just to discuss just a simple case of a patient that wanted to tell their story that would be of some help this is a gentleman that had a vasectomy years ago and he went to a outpatient center where they simply did vast av as re connection under local anesthesia a little sedation just as an outpatient sent him home the same day and actually vasectomy reversal sent it back to hotel.

His wife pregnant with a RT procedures so he never has to have another procedure whatsoever on his scrotum the problem with the procedure that was done with him the first time a year and a half ago and which is typically done in most outpatient settings the problem is that there was no motile sperm in the vas fluid no sperm was frozen there was nothing available in the future.